Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly
Dublin, Ireland

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Xceptionalize Your Business

Non-Fiction, Business, Leadership

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In the Author's Words // The term "Xceptionalize" is a derivative of two words: "Exceptional Execution." Research by Columbia University in 2006 reinforced the term’s significance, revealing that 88 percent of "breakthrough companies" were the result of "exceptional execution of an ordinary idea." Only 12 percent were the result of new inventions.

The book is designed for start-up entrepreneurs and small/medium-sized enterprises and focuses upon the exceptional execution of a business's three core drivers: Person – the promoter, the founding/leader catalyst who shapes the business model and performance culture. People – the internal and external customers who create value. Whilst individuals are unique, behavioral psychology sciences illustrate they are also remarkably predictable. Process – reinforcing the sales person era is no more, this is the age of the uber informed, connected customer.

Xceptionalize will embolden and equip would-be entrepreneurs and current business leaders with stories, case studies, practical toolkits and resources.

About the Author // Kevin is a best-selling author and internationally acclaimed professional keynote speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, customer service, creativity, human achievement and motivation. Over the past two decades, Kevin has authored four books and delivered conference and company keynotes throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, North and South America for Fortune 500 companies, educational, not-for-profit organizations and such prestigious associations as The Million Dollar Round Table. His experience spans Consumer Retail, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Technology sectors.

Net Minds Assessment // Execution is always a hot topic in leadership circles, making this book easy to market upon launch. The author has a strong personality, making him a good get for broadcast media appearances. Given his international travels, the book will likely have strong foreign licensing potential. He speaks over a hundred times a year, giving him a platform for conference and corporate volume sales. He has a Klout score of 50. Marketer Gary Percy has joined the team, and they are already laying out a social media strategy to support the book launch.

Ideal Partner Qualities and Styles // Authentic, fun, passionate, driven and opinionated – no room on this team for Yes men!! We want our views challenged – this is what will make this book Xceptional! We need an Editor, not an English teacher! Someone who can advise on flow, content etc. A Publicist – someone to build the tribe in our target markets. We have a unique voice and theme – now we need to tell the world! A Designer – we need to design an Xceptional theme through our different vehicles.

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