Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds
Chicago, IL

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The Way Of the Monkey Bar Gym: A Revolutionary Guide to Fitness

Non-Fiction, Advice, Health

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In the Author's Words // The current fitness world is about ego, appearance, about creating dependence on machines & supplements. Twenty years ago I saw the facade in this approach, the short term pleasure leading into long term pain. I changed that by founding the Monkey Bar Gym, which returns us to: TRAINING like all creatures do in nature (running, jumping, crawling, climbing.) EATING what is natural to us (plant strong meals + lots of water.) BALANCING our bodies thru active alignment movements...(like all animals on the planet do except humans.)

The book offers the eight week program that I teach at the Monkey Bar Gym. The first week, Train As We Play introduces the connection between fitness and nature. Week two features Yoga. Week three focuses on diet, and so on.

About the Author // Hinds is the founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, which now has fourteen locations. (Hinds' gyms were among the first to feature no machines, no mirrors, no shoes; they were also the first gyms to require a plant-based diet and the first to integrate Eischens Yoga into all movements). Hinds is a former NBA strength coach and one of only twelve Eischens Yoga certified therapists in the world. He’s been featured in most of the top fitness and training magazines and is a gold medalist in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Net Minds Assessment // By combining fitness, a plant-based diet, and yoga into a singular program, Hinds taps into three popular subjects that up to now have been addressed separately. Hinds has boundless energy and is wildly motivated to market this book, especially through his ever-expanding retail locations.

Ideal Partner Qualities and Styles // Must be conscious of people, planet and health.

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