Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen
Morristown, NJ

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Non-Fiction, Business, Innovation, Leadership

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In the Author's Words // Imagine the most powerful master class on leadership and innovation, designed just for you. Hot 100 Heroes Of Disruption takes you through these heroes’ successes and failures, their passions, priorities, hopes and dreams: A global 21st century Profiles in Courage. CEOs and contrarians, inventors and entrepreneurs, geeks and hackers, rebels and activists, freedom fighters, fire fighters, scientists, doctors, pioneers and provocateurs… heroes, all.

Hot 100 Heroes of Disruption profiles the innovators behind today’s biggest changes. These are the dreamers who see an amazing future for us all. They are the inventors and doers who are bringing that future to life.

Disrupt! is for everyone trying to do extraordinary things while driving through a shitstorm of change. All of us are capable of epic greatness, if we could only find our way through the constant clutter, crap and utter chaos thrown at us. (And that’s just in the last 30 seconds!)

This is the master class we wish we had time to create for ourselves…. 100 great disruptive heroes give up their secrets. 37 Cheat Sheets for Life, organized into three themes: Do’s, Don’ts, Guiding Principles. Disrupt! is a road map for thriving, succeeding and kicking butt in a disruptive world.

This book is a being bundled together with Hot 100 Heroes of Disruption.

About the Author // Bill Jensen is the CEO of the Jensen Group, a change consulting firm whose mission is to make it easier to get stuff done. He’s also an internationally-acclaimed author, speaker and gadfly known for provocative ideas, extremely useful content, and his passion for helping everyone to work smarter, not harder. His first book, Simplicity, was the number five Leadership/Management book on Amazon in 2000. His latest, Hacking Work, was named one of the Top Ten Breakthrough Ideas for 2010 by Harvard Business Review.

Net Minds Assessment // This is a two-for-one book, based on his interviews with 100 of the leading minds in the world. One book (Hot 100 Heroes of Disruption) is a leadership tome and the other book (Disrupt!) is an advice book along the lines of First Break All the Rules. The design will be a challenge, as the printed book will be read from different directions, making it a reversible read. This is an experienced author who is ready to experiment with marketing. He’s a highly in-demand speaker, which gives him back of room sales potential. Klout score of 57.

Ideal Partner Qualities and Styles // First: Passionate Partner Somebody who "gets" the core ideas and wants to join me on an amazing ride in making a difference in the world. Second: Creative Partner Somebody who would take my ideas and then constantly go… "What if we did…" and then “what if…" I truly would like my work to be pushed beyond where I've gotten it to so far. Third: Whatever-It-Takes Partner Somebody whom I can completely trust not only to be on time and super-quality-focused, but also who can roll with the craziness of the unexpected and does what needs being done without being asked.

This book is a being bundled together with Hot 100 Heroes of Disruption, so please be willing to work on both titles.

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