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Project Update: 100 Days Of Death by Tim Sanders

November 16, 2012

Ray Ellingsen is a focused film maker, martial arts expert and author.  He's baking up a master-plan attack on the media world, starting with a book via Net Minds Select.  Earlier this year, he came to us through a mutual connection in the Los Angeles entertainment community and we fell in Zombie-Love with his story, set in Los Angeles.

100 Days of Death is a Zombie thriller about a rabies epidemic, the first installment in a trilogy.  The plot is not only plausible, but after talking to Ellingsen, eerily likely to happen!  He's not just a writer, he's a mad scientist, who can spout off statistics and scenarios that make me want to dig a bomb shelter behind my house to protect my family against the Fast-Shufflers.  This Summer, he and his production partner Kim Poirier (Dawn Of the Dead 2) shot a book trailer to give us a taste of what is to come.

The manuscript is being edited by Alice Sullivan, an early stage Net Minds freelance partner, who has the Southern Goth chops to make it a page turning nightmare. We've matched the project with a great publicist, who specializes in fiction, and the target book launch is early Summer of 2013.  In the next few weeks, Ray will launch a crowd funding campaign for the cash components of his partnerships for the project.  Visit their Facebook page for details on how you can back it, and receive Zombie Swag for your support.

The last piece of the puzzle for them is a book designer.  We are looking for a creepy-creative genius to design the cover, interior layout and marketing elements for the campaign.  If you are interested, send me an email and I'll be in touch right away.  It's a great opportunity, and despite the above picture, Ray won't hurt you if you keep all your promises and demonstrate no fear.  For more details on this project, check out their listing.

Tim Sanders

About Tim Sanders

Tim is a bestselling author and former Yahoo! executive with a mission to disrupt the traditional publishing and self-publishing industries and share knowledge with authors looking to publish and market high-quality books.

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